Capacity, shape, size, colour, and of course imprinting are all up to you. USBs and SD Cards are versatile and popular items, and perfect on their own.

Clever and stunning packaging can really elevate your promotional efforts and make your corporate gifts unforgettable. We love USBs and SD Card Storage Media products for this reason and because they are the most popular means of transferring your data. We believe that good things come in small packages but great things come in small packages that can be customized to no end.

We’ve been helping our clients push the boundaries with highly customized CD and DVD packaging and we’re taking that same approach with USBs and SD Card Storage Media. It’s your presentation, catalogue, gift, or demo—it should get the best reception possible.

Need more? We can help. We also specialize in Pick, Pack, & Ship Fulfillment, Print & Packaging, and Branded Merchandise.