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From start to finish, we can help you get your vision to market. Leverage our manufacturing expertise or take advantage of our other services—you’ll get all the help you need.

CD, DVD & Blu-Ray

Whether you’re looking for a short run order of 100 packaged discs for your next album release party or 100,000 retail ready discs, getting your order on time and on spec means everything.


With various memory sizes, colours, and branding options, you can customize your USB’s and SD cards exactly the way you want.

Plastic Card Printing

We produce high quality plastic and laminate cards, which are perfect for gift cards, membership cards and download cards.

Disc & Print Templates

If you’re doing a 4-panel DigiPak or a custom Blu-Ray case, we’ve got templates for every format.

Forms & Specifications

Get the forms, along with other useful documents and specification sheets to make sure your project starts without a glitch.

Tools that Save You Time

Upload Artwork

Uploading your artwork to our server couldn’t be simpler, just follow these steps.


STEP 1: Download Filezilla. It’s an easy, free FTP client!

STEP 2: Open the application and enter the following information.
Hostname: ftp.duplium.com
Username: upload
Password: Your email address

STEP 3: Upload your artwork and send us an email so we can get your project started!

Disc Master Upload

Upload you CD Audio Master directly to our manufacturing facility.



Add CD Audio, WAV or AIFF files right into our manufacturing cue directly from your Mac or PC.

Download the Duplium uploader software for Mac or PC and follow the instructions provided.

Download for Mac
Download for PC

All you will need is a job# which you can get from your customer service representative. Please note that this software only works in the CD audio format from either a disc inserted in your computer or WAV/AIFF files from your hard drive. DVD video content or enhanced CDs will not work at this time. For DVD content, we will assign a secure FTP location to upload. Contact your Account Manager for more information.


Proof art and sign off from anywhere using Dupium’s eProof system.


Click below to sign into our eProof system using the login from your representative

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